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Vendha Velichenna (Traditionally extracted virgin coconut oil)

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Organically nurtured coconuts are handpicked and used in preparing the traditional virgin coconut oil that has been used for centuries for new born babies and in Ayurvedic treatments. The milk of coconut is boiled in a traditional Urli (Bell metal cooking vessel), normally made from brass, till pure virgin coconut oil weans out. The use of this version of  oil dates back to centuries and used in traditional Ayurvedic medicines. It has been known and proven in helping with weight loss, lowering cholesterol, keeping diabetes in check, reduces heart disease, in addition to supporting the immune system and nourishing for the brain. It is now-a-days also being recommended for daily consumption for cancer patients in its raw form. It has also proven remedies for various skin ailments and applied daily helps keep the skin fresh and radiant. 


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